Friday, November 30, 2007

Ding Dong Merrily on High

Just got back in from Kansas and a visit to the old aged Ps.  It was wonderful to see the old stomping grounds, but boy is it true that you can't go home.  They'd ripped down 4 houses on my block, so that our house is now the first on on the block (we used to be the middle).  My mother says she's thinking of setting up a croquet lawn.  Yet another example where I get my crazy from.  I dropped off her birthday present while I was down there, a couple of weeks early.  Now here is where she and I differ, I would have ripped into that brown paper hard core lickety split, but she has restraint! pffft.  Now I have to recruit my little sister to take a picture of her face as she opens it.

I've been dying to use this petaloo rose on something, so Mom got a big pink themed gift, even though her favorite color is dried blood red (her description)

The gift tag is made from a glimmer misted shipping tag, the roses from the Spellbinder Rose Frameabilities set. Those beautiful letters are hard to appreciate online, but are embossed Spellbinders alphas too.  The other side has a vintage perfume label on it.

  I also broke out my Heidi Swapp masks for the first time.  I think I'll be brining them out more often!  I just started with brown craft paper, laid the mask down, spritz spritz, and voila... not to shabby for running out of real wrapping paper and being to lazy to drive to town and buy some.

I wonder if anyone can possibly guess what's inside? If only she'd opened it! I'm so bad at waiting, makes me itchy.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Spellbinders Design Team!

follow the link and looks at the 3rd name down. Sqeeeeeeeeeee! I wasn't allowed to tell anyone before Thursday.  Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah!

Anthropology and Scrapbooking

Here is a documentary with a rather hot narrator about a scrapbooker's native habitiat. I laughed I cried, I stole ideas :-)

What Lurks?

So I'm driving home after a late night run to my shop and I here
scriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch. And a few seconds later I here
scriiiiiiiiiiiiitch again. And then it starts to form a regular pattern
and I'm like Aaaaagh! It's the CLAW MAN! I'm freaking out turning my
head without trying to wreck the van to see who/what is making the
noise. Yeah, about the stop sign I realize the back window wiper is
going on a dry gravel dust covered window. No claw handed man.

Does anybody have?

searching high and low for some copies of files I made a year or two
ago. Desktops specifically. Digikitten, the place where I thought they
were safely stored is no more (booooooooo). I made a desktop of Ce and
Mel at a witches conference with the photo of them in the crazy
hats..... If you have it I will personally bake and send you a cupcake
if you send me a copy.

Remember.....Jesus Saves, but you have to backup your own hard drive.

Brain the Size of a Planet

this has to be THE funniest 404 I've ever found, but then I'm a geek.

First Snow

Oh, hooray!  I love the first snow! It doesn't look like it will stick, but it's beautiful to watch all the same.  Time to pull out The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and a cup of hot chocolate.  Now I just hope that the weather doesn't slow up all the lovely packages from Copic and Penny Black on their merry way to the shop.