Monday, July 14, 2008

The Envelope Please....

And the winner of a lovely new set of Spellbinder dies is......

Julie Talford of Wisconsin

Julie's comment was.......

The spellbinder dies can be
used for so many various projects.  Now that they have added so many new
dies the possibilities are truly endless.  Thank you for a wonderful

Congratulations, Julie!  Hope you have tons of fun with your new toys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who visited, hope you got some great ideas!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lucky #13

Welcome to day #13 of the Spellbinders Sneak Peak!  I know I’m all-a-flutter over the new dies. How about you?   I get to share the new Shapeabilities Nested Set Butterfly (S4-171) MSRP $19.99 today!  Woo hoo!

I know Wendy would have loved to have gotten her hands on this set for her butterfly challenges!  Butterflies are so great, completely versatile, just like Nestabilities.  Coincidence?  I think not.   One of my favorite things about nesties (other than the basic whole wonderfully perfect stacking ability) is that they can handle cutting through lightweight chipboard…or a couple of layers of cardstock, meaning you can make SHAPED CARDS really easily, which is what we’re going to do today.

You could do this with either of the two largest sizes of butterflies, maybe even the third smallest one, but that would be about the size of a gift tag for Barbie.  This one is made with the largest die of the set.

You just need a regular sized card base (4.25 x 5.5 inches)

Place the tips of the wings just above the fold of the card, so they won’t cut through.  I hold it in position with a bit of low-tac tape, so it doesn’t shift during cutting.

Here you can see how the cutting edge of the die is just above the fold.

Run the butterfly through the Wizard to cut.

Pop the paper out of the die.  Oooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaah, a butterfly shaped card base :-)

Take that same die again, and this time cut out your card front.  Isn’t it neat that the die is made so you can see through it and position it to capture just the right flower in just the right spot?  Love that.

Now we need some circles nestabilities for the center embellishment (see perfect stacking ability)

Look ma! Perfectly Centered!  I’m the sort of person who stares at the place were the wallpaper seams don’t quite match up, so this is important to me.

Tie a little twine around the center of the card for some texture, layer the circles with foam dots.

Throw on a couple rhinestones to just finish things off in a nice way and you’ve got a great Butterfly Shaped Card thanks to the brand new Spellbinders Shapeabilities Nested Sets: Butterfly.  Tres cool.
Oh, and the pretty paper is from Fancy Pants and the cardstock is from Prism (that is GOOD cardstock, not flimsy ‘at all)

If you want to watch how to run these dies, here’s a video.  I always find it’s easier to get things when you can see it being done.

Now here’s the important stuff- How to WIN your own set of these nifty little Nesties or, if you’ve been following the sneak peaks, then the whole shebang.

Spellbinders Birthday Celebration
Sneak Peek Party Drawing Information
Spellbinders will randomly pick one entry from each of the 14 Spellbinders Sneak Peek Blog reveals as stated in the “Rules”.  This name will be drawn to receive the die being revealed on said blog.  These entries must follow all rules stated below to be valid for the drawing.
Entrants visiting all 14 Spellbinders Birthday Celebration Sneak Peeks Blog reveals and correctly entering their information into the 14 separate drawings, as described below,  will automatically be entered into a GRAND PRIZE give away of a new RASPBERRY WIZARD and a $500 retail value die package!
Any participant wishing to be included in the daily drawing for the Spellbinders Birthday Celebration Sneak Peek die give away must adhere to all of the following rules:

1) Participant must click on the provided drawing link on blog to enter each individual drawing on sneak peeks between June 30 and July 13.
2) Participant must type in the subject line the name of the die being revealed.
3) Participant must send their entry for this blog before 12:00 midnight Central Standard Time on July 13th.
4) Participant is only allowed to enter each of the 14 Spellbinders sneak peek blog give away drawings one time per sneak peek. Participant must use the same email address daily to be considered for grand prize entry.
5) Spellbinders Design Team members and employees are not eligible for drawing.
6)For official
answers to questions regarding this contest, e-mail

Any participant wishing to be automatically entered into the drawing for the Spellbinders Birthday Celebration Sneak Peek Grand Prize drawing, must enter the drawing from all of the 14 blog reveals and follow all the above rules.
Please note:
*Spellbinders will only use email information to contact the winner.
*Spellbinders will not share this email address with any other parties. 
*Spellbinders will not use this email information for advertisements or communications
other than to contact the winner.
*If you wish to be included in further communications from Spellbinders, please go to their homepage and sign up:
CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(If you use an e-mail client that does not work with this pop-up box, you may copy
and paste this address to send your entry to:

Happy Happy Happy

Thanks to Everyone for all the Happy Birthday Wishes (and ice cream!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Say When!

Just a quick reminder that this weekend's Cupcakes and Copics Workshops at Backroads Plum Crazy are full.  Can't wait to see everyone!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Strawberry Angelfood Cake

This is a wonderful summery cake that I got from the Food Channel's website.  I think that may be #2 in the Top Ten Things I Miss from Living in Town- ie that I don't get to watch the Food Channel or TCM anymore.  PBS is wonderful, in fact I have a button that says "A PBS mind in an MTV world"  I think that's a pretty good motto for life :-) but it just isn't the same without being able to flip from Emerill to Cary Grant.

If I had it all over to do again, I'd  probably re-do the font of the recipe and center the title, but I ran out of the letter R in my Anna Griffin rub-ons, and they were to neat looking to sacrifice, kwim?  I do love my Angel Strawberry though! 

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Tisket A Tasket

My first hanging basket:

I am so sad that I can't get the Eliza collection paper from Anna Griffin any more.  I used the tar out of that collection, it was so versatile.  And it mixes so nicely with Rose Edgeability die (like I used on the trim here).  On the other hand the new collections a pretty gorgeous, as usual, hard to feel too put out.
To make your own hanging basket is very easy, you only need one sheet of double sided paper (if you want a pretty inside) and embellishing with Spellbinder dies makes you get a real bang for your buck .  To make this exact one you'll need:
S4 044 Rose Edgeability
S3 033 Cameo & Brooch
Anna Griffin 1046 (pale blue ribbon swag)
Anna Griffin 1054 (green pattern)
Anna Griffin 1037 (polka dot stripe)
Prism White Cardstock
Worldwin Doublemate Chocolate Malt
Copic R81 Rose Pink
Copic RV06 Cerise
Copic G24 Willow
Copic Airbrush System
Walnut Ink in a spritzer bottle
Black Ink Pad
Spray Glue
White glue
1/8” wide red line tape
Scrapbook Adhesives Foam Squares
Petaloo Tuscan Brown Velvet Hydrangea
Copper foil
Bee Charm
Fancy Pants Crush Ribbon (blue lace)
Offray Ivory 1 1/2” double face satin ribbon (I have an addiction to this stuff, can't have too much)
And here's the obsessively step-by-step instructions:
Replicate the bee charm in copper foil.  Fill in the back with white glue and set aside to dry.
Use spray glue to attach blue paper back to back with green printed paper.
Using a compass, draw from corner to corner to form an arc on paper.  Cut along the line.
Put a line of red line tape along one straight edge and roll paper into a cone.
Cut a row of polka dots off of polka dotted paper and use it to trim the inside top of the cone.
Spritz the outside of the cone with walnut ink, wipe off excess and set aside to dry.
Cut and emboss Rose Edgeabilities out of white cardstock.
Airbrush through the die using Copic markers.
Pop the paper out of the die and cut off the frame part of the edgeability so all you have are roses.
Distress roses to age them.
Cut and emboss Cameo & Brooch out of the brown cardstock so the lighter brown side of the paper is the one embossed.
Stencil through the die using black ink.
Punch holes on each side of the cone, then thread and knot the satin ribbon through them to form a handle.
Feed the tassle through the bottom of the cone and hold in place with tape on the inside of the cone.
Use the big rose panel to trim the front top edge of the cone.
Put red line tape around the top of the cone and stick the blue lace trim to it.
The little roses then get glued down on either side of the main rose panel (over the blue lace).
Attach cameo frame and rose embossed center to the front middle of the cone with foam squares to make it stand out.
Embellish with velvet flowers and the copper foil bee charm.
tres jolie
I filled it with some random dried yard weeds and roses made from crepe paper.  Now it hangs on the door to Rosie's Room at the Dairy Barn B&B, serving no good purpose but being pretty.
Don't forget to check Ellen's Blog today for your chance to win a set of the new pierceability dies (which would work really well for basket trim too ;-)
Time to go join a parade! Happy 4th of July Everyone!


Look what happens if you set a teenager loose in your art supplies

I must say, I am rather impressed at how well Rangers new white gel pen works on skin...

Though I don't think "temporary tattoo" is on the official list of things to do with Copics :-)