Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Emporium Necklace

I just love Graphic 45, don't you?  I'm such a paperholic and they just keeping feeding my dependency.  So Naughty of them.  Santa probably will still visit them though, because they are awesome.

 I was working with their Christmas Emporium Collection, making this incredibly layered juicy flip book I learned off of YouTube (another addiction, and Pinterest...there really should be a Crafter's Anonymous) when I dropped everything (left a big mess in the middle of the crop room) to run off to Galena for my second ever all day workshop over at Vintaj.  Oh my gosh and goodness.  I learned so much.  Tons.  And I drug along Michelle my scrappy chum/business partner/aunt who had never made so much as a friendship bracelet before.  Bless her, she is always game for a wild hare brained new idea:-)

To dip her toes into the waters of jewelry making, I signed both up for a basic stringing class over at Galena Beads the night before.  While Michelle was whipping up a necklace that has to probably win the Best Necklace by a Complete Novice Ever Award, I whipped up my own necklace from some beads and (yes!) Vintaj pieces.   

I had all those great warm Christmas Emporium Colors that reminded me of Christmas at home percolating in my head.  I wanted the necklace to look like the old glass garland my mom used to put on our tree in the big bay window of old Victorian house.  Reading in old green tapestry chair by the fireplace with a cup of spiced cider and making pomanders out of cloves and oranges to put on the buffet with the Christmas cards.  Amazing how many memories a few mossy greens, rich reds, and aged brass beads can bring up, hmmm.  I even added a little mistletoe on each side of the magnolia leaf bead cap ;-) and a "wreath" closure.  It gives me warm fuzzies and makes me want to sing Holly and the Ivy (which I will do despite not knowing all the words, be forewarned).  Go make yourself some holiday cheer!

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